Speech to text conversion experts at speechtotext.biz to get a 20% pay increase and other bonus payments as a way of keeping up the motivation

London UK 28th September 2013 – one of the leading speech to text converter in the market speechtotext.biz has confirmed that it has approved a 20% pay increase for its expert consultants. The company has said that the rise is designed to help it keep up the level of motivation among its team as high as possible and to be fair there is nothing that does better in this than a nice and well paid team of experts. Speechtotext.biz has been one of the very few speech consultants that are now offering speech to text conversions. Although this service is yet to boom compared to speech writing and coaching, a lot of observers have said that speechtotext.biz is in a better position to set the pace towards success in the coming few years.

speechtotext.biz, a top and leading speech to text conversion expert in the market has confirmed a 20% pay raise for its professional team of expert consultants. The company has said that the main and most important reason why it has decided to increase the salary of its team is to ensure that each and every consultant serving its customers is highly motivated and as many experts note, there can never be a better way to motivate an employee compared to raisings their income.

For the last few years or so the online based speech consultancy sector has grown significantly. However there are very few providers in the market that are now offering a professional speech to text translator and for all this years, speechtotext.biz has been one of the very few. The sector has not developed compared to other speech sectors but many observers and analysts are confident that speechtotext.biz will help steer the industry to increased business growth in the coming years.

For many potential customers who would love to see their speeches converted in to readable text the services offered by speechtotext.biz will for sure come in handy for you. The provider has shown in the last few years that it has the skills needed to make that happen and considering that it has now one of the well paid writers, you can expect high quality ideas to convert speech to text .

Moving on to the future, speechtotext.biz has assured its current and future clients that it will continue to explore new ways in ensuring that its writers are well motivated and aside from the pay rise, speechtotext.biz is also keen on making the working conditions as comfortable as possible. The process of converting your speech to text is not easy and aside from the fact that this is a very boring activity, a lot of people are bound to make a lot of mistakes along the way. However with expert help, it is easy to do this accurately. For the best speech to text services please visit speechtotext.biz on its website today for more details.

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