The main species of the lace wig in today’s wig market

Los Angeles – The wearing for classic lace wigs can help people play the role of appearance modification. It could let people quickly change their hairstyles in the simple and convenient way. However, the using for silk top full lace wigs could also help people avoid the damage to natural hair which has been caused by the heating, pulling and dyeing. For the using of the silk top full lace wigs, people do not need to change their hair style in the expensive hair salon. It should help people reduce a lot of expenditure. People could easily change the hair style of lace wig. In that case, they can try different hair styling with the different style of fashion costume. Nowadays, the wearing for classic lace wig has had increasing attention from the consumers but there are such sums of people who do not have more understanding about the species of the lace wig. Today, the designer from website would introduce with people these species of lace wigs one by one.

The first kind of lace wig should be full lace wigs which is the wig could cover the whole area of people¡¯s head. The advantage of this kind of lace wig is that it could help people easily modify their appearance. However, the disadvantage is that the full lace wig would let people feel very hot and stuffy. If the season is in summer season, people could not bear with the wearing for this kind of lace wig. People should pay more attention to this point.

The second type of lace wig should be the hale lace wig. This kind of lace wig only has the latter part of lace wig. The strong point is that the feeling for this kind of lace wig is very truly. However, there is also some shortcoming about this kind of lace wig which is that the lace wig would easy have color difference with the real hair.

The third type should be the front lace wig. This kind of lace wig should be suitable for people who have less hair front lace wigs on their forehead. The wearing for this kind of lace wig is usually very faking. This kind of lace wig should be only treated as the accessory for people¡¯s hair.

The horsetail is another kind of lace wig. There are various kinds of horsetail wig in people¡¯s daily life. The advantage of this kind of lace wig should be the modeling contests. The disadvantage is that the weight of the horsetail relatively heavy.

The last one the website wants to tell people should be the hair piece which could be used for beauty whose hair volume is less enough. The advantage of this lace wig is the highest fidelity.

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