Newly Released Amazon Kindle eBook – Alice and the Rag Doll’s Revenge

In the dawn of smart phones and tablets, parents have started to shy away from the conventional means of learning entertainment. Even kids today have television and the internet to keep themselves entertained. Books have been shelved and toys are becoming more complex. In this boom of technology and change in habits, how does one adapt to these ever changing times? Richard and Samantha Hargreaves seem to have found a simple solution to this question in the form of eBooks.

Richard and Samantha have recently released an Amazon Kindle eBook entitled, Alice and the Rag Doll’s Revenge. This is a fresh reimagining of the beloved fairytale, Alice in Wonderland. This version tackles the story of Alice as she tries to find her missing rag doll and finds herself in a whole new world with plenty of exciting moments and values to learn.

“The story is about learning to appreciate and the importance of treating others how she would like to be treated herself. It’s a very simple lesson that every kid should learn and understand in the early stage of their lives.” said Samantha.

One of the unique points of this new literary work is that it is presently exclusively available via Amazon Kindle Store with free international delivery via the Amazon Whispernet.

“Offering the Alice and the Rag Doll’s Revenge on Amazon Kindle helps lower its cost, compared to a print book, and ensures that kids and adults can read conveniently on their mobile devices.” said Richard.

Alice and the Rag Doll’s Revenge – the new adventures of Alice in Wonderland comes with a free downloadable coloring book depicting scenes from the new version of the fairy tale. The trailer for the ebook is also viewable on Youtube via this link: . Embedded data.

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