The Changing Face of UK Office Space

England 20/08/2013 – Modern firms need a higher degree of flexibility than they once did, which is changing how they run their businesses in many different ways.

This includes the type of office space that they need. Increasingly, companies are opting for alternative forms of offices such as virtual offices. Many office companies now offer both traditional fully serviced offices and virtual office space.

They offer the traditional space for those firms who have a staff that have to come together to work as a team on a face to face basis. Other firms like to have a regular, stable office because they hold a lot of meetings with suppliers and customers. However, increasingly firms are opting for other more flexible office formats.

In the UK, more and more people are working for themselves and are choosing to primarily work from home. However, occasionally this kind of business owner will need access to some office space. They may be working on a project, so want an office to meet up in and work collaboratively with other people. Occassionally, they will want to hold a meeting, so may want to hire a room or office for a few hours or a day to hold that meeting in.

As a company grows, they never know if that growth is permanent or not. It may be that their first big order turns out to be their only order. At this stage many firms need an office, but do not want to be tied into a long lease contract. Naturally, when they realise they can dip their toe in the water by leasing an office for a few weeks they usually take this option. Fortunately, the UK’s office sector is responding positiviely to this new demand and providing ever more flexible options, which all kinds of business owners are taking advantage of.

Increasing demand for mail only services
Some firms like Bruntwood are even taking things a step further. They are offering businesses the chance to run a completely virtual office, by providing a business address and mail service. Their mail service ensures that all mail gets opened and that important correspondence is forwaredon to the business owner via e-mail or fax. This really flexible approach is being welcomed and used by all kinds of firms and has helped many to function more efficiently and grow in a way that would not have been possible in the past.

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