Mosquito Squad Offers Protection Against New Mosquito Species

St. Louis, Missouri (September 3, 2013) – Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis is offering protection against the Asian tiger mosquito that has started to cause concerns in the United States. The well-known supplier of tick treatments in St Louis, MO conducts an integrated pest management program to rid a home and its surroundings of various unwanted insects while implementing measures that prevent them from coming back in the future.

Recent strong rains in Missouri caused flooding in some areas and also increased the probability of mosquitoes multiplying, due to the amounts of stagnant water left over. There are over 50 types of these pesky insects reportedly inhabiting Missouri, proving both a nuisance and a health risk to every individual. Now, locals have a new one to contend with in the Asian tiger mosquito.

Originally from Japan, the Asian tiger found its way to the United States by inhabiting used tires that were shipped to the country. Typically active during the day, it is defined by its black and white striped legs and body. Mosquitoes of this kind are primarily found in forests and other wooded areas. They are also confirmed to carry at least five viruses, two of which are harmful to humans. As such, they pose a considerable threat and add to concerns following Missouri health investigators’ discovery of a new virus being carried around by ticks.

The presence of this creature only highlights the importance of hiring a reliable pest control company such as Mosquito Squad. With their mosquito and tick treatments in St Louis, MO, these professionals can help people safeguard their families and properties from insect-borne diseases.

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About Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis

Spearheaded by owners Martha and Carson Baur, the company has been providing excellent services in St Louis, MO mosquito treatment since 2010. Their team caters to residential and commercial establishments around the city and the surrounding communities. They especially offer outdoor treatments to keep backyards insect-free for everyday use, or even for special occasions such as weddings and family reunions. Embedded data.

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