End of Summer Sale Announced by Mode Dog

Mode Dog is announcing their “End of Summer” sale with 10% off all items in the store. Mode Dog is an online dog boutique that offers designer dog collars , leashes and accessories. The items for sale at Mode Dog are handmade for each order and are crafted from high quality, durable materials.

The dog collars sold by Mode Dog are created from high quality fabrics such as nylon. The collars feature distinctive patterns and are made to fit comfortably around the neck of virtually any dog. The collars come with sturdy fasteners so that they can be held in place, plus the collars also have a ring where the leash can attach.

The leashes that Mode Dog carries are also crafted from nylon. Many of these leashes match the style of the dog collars that are provided by Mode Dog as well. The leashes are designed to least for many years of normal use and come equipped with quick-release fasteners that can attach to the metal ring provided on each dog collar. In addition to the leashes, Mode Dog also has several accessories that can be used to augment the dog collars. One of the most popular accessories is the flower dog collar add-on designs that can be attached to the collars, providing a colorful addition. These accessories are made from high quality fabrics and are designed to compliment the collars sold by Mode Dog as well.

To take advantage of Mode Dog’s End of Summer Sale, where all items are 10% off, use coupon code LOVELYDOG during checkout.

Lauren Schmitt
Mode Dog
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA

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