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“An Outstanding camper holiday along New Zealand `s stunning North Island”

I will surely remember my motorhome holiday along New Zealand’s exquisite North Island for an eternity. This is an outline of my memorable North Island Campervan Holidays.

My friends & I initiated our unforgettable Hire Motor Homes nz in Cathedral Cove which is a dramatic bay and is also a popular destination for tourists. On our holiday we realized that Cathedral Cove is perhaps one of the most scenic spots within The Coromandel Peninsula.

Hot Water Beach is an amazing natural occurrence in which tourists flock to the beach with a spade in hand to dig a hole after which they gaze at the natural hot water as it rises out of the ground. It is advisable to check the tides as this occurrence is only possible one hour on each side of low tide. Check out the splendid cafe and restaurants in the town and enjoy a bit of surfing on your holiday in this magnificent spot.

We left Hot Water Beach and set out towards Tauranga on the next day of our New Zealand Campers NZ holiday. The sun drenched city of Tauranga will surely entice you with its aquatic adventures such as fishing, sailing or dolphin watching.

Mt Maunganui is positioned in Tauranga within the Bay of Plenty region and is a popular spot to explore on your Motor Home Rentals nz holiday. It is New Zealand’s preferred summer holiday destination with a protected inner harbour beach and the sandy surf beach sited on the ocean side. Mount Maunganui also refers to the extinct volcano which rises over the gorgeous Mount Maunganui surf beach. The Mount is covered in picturesque walking tracks along which you can enjoy impressive ocean views in this region.

Spend some time admiring the scenic views of the beach, saunter to the southern end and admire the panorama back towards the Mount en route for Papamoa.

We left Mt Maunganui and set out towards Rotorua on the next day of our Motor Homes Holidays. When we arrived at Rotorua we stopped the Hire Motor Home at the Rotorua Thermal Park sited on the outskirts of the town. This park has its own mineral pools along with a fresh water pool which is perfect for the children. A trip to New Zealand is unfinished without a stopover at Rotorua which is well-known for its hot springs, intriguing Maori culture and boiling mud pools. The park was quite roomy and campervan areas were located in a shaded expanse in close proximity to the kitchen and dining room.

Rotorua was the final destination on our New Zealand Motorhome Hire. Rotorua is among my preferred places in the North Island. Take a scenic drive through the grounds towards the lake sited in the centre of town and enjoy an array of exciting activities on your Motorhome Hire NZ.

This was my itinerary for a memorable Campervan Holidays NZ around the North Island of nz. I had a great time and I’m sure you will also enjoy exploring this splendid country’s scenic marvels on your motorhome holiday.

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