Wheeldo Redefines Corporate e-Learning with Mountaineer Social Learning Game

Tel Aviv, Israel (PRWEB) 14, August 2013 – Wheeldo, a pioneer in the social learning industry, has today announced the launch of the company’s beta version of knowledge sharing games that replace traditional methods of training. Each of these games is designed to meet the needs of any learning and development department.

The training process is crucial for new hires and veterans, as it is a key factor in accelerating performance. For years, learning professionals tried to improve the learner’s experience for effective learning. According to a recent study, only 10% of employee knowledge is an outcome of formal learning, 20% is social learning and 70% is on the job training.

“Our main objective is to provide a turnkey solution for learning professionals. Our small intuitive games templates allow our clients to create engaging training in no time and with zero effort,” stated Irad Eichler, founder of Wheeldo.

The new tools includes a game called “Mountaineer”, a fun and exciting game in which employees compete by posing questions to each other regarding a topic chosen by the game creator.

Giving employees control over the questions asked is a highly effective method to receive comprehensive information regarding their true grasp over a specific topic and also enables skills development using peer learning.

Mountaineer’s classic game design and interactive elements increase motivation and encourage employees’ participation.

Irad Eichler is the founder of this innovative startup. Eichler is an entrepreneur who also founded Shekulo Tov, a rehabilitation organization that provides jobs for 2,200 mentally ill people. This program won the Israel Social Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2009, securing Eichler a position at the World Economic Forum.

Wheeldo prides itself on offering personalized support for learning and development professionals. Leading companies such as Microsoft, and Applied Materials and Manpower have used the beta version of Wheeldo’s social learning tools. Through its easy-to-use software, Wheeldo plans to apply its innovative solutions to all facets of employee learning.

For more information about social learning, or to sign up for the beta, visit www.wheeldo.com/.

About Wheeldo: Wheeldo is a learning and development company focused on providing personalized support for professionals in all industries through the development of innovative new platforms that foster better information retention and participation. Mountaineer is the first in a series of small social learning games offered by Wheeldo, and it’s already making waves with top companies around the world, including Microsoft and Applied Materials and Manpower.

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