Get Recovery Treatment for a Variety of Addictions at Florida House Detox Center

The Florida House Detox Center is one of the best Detox Centers Florida and offers a wide variety of programs for different types of addictions. There are Opiate Detox Florida programs, oxycodone detox center programs, Alcohol Detox In Florida programs, heroine detox programs, lortab detox programs and more. Often, addicts can choose whether to have inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment at Detox Centers Florida, including our south Florida detox center. The main benefit of outpatient treatment is that addicts can still work or attend school. Basically, there is no interruption to one’s lifestyle. At our detox center in Florida, addicts are carefully screened by healthcare professionals for existing medical conditions and mental health problems. It is not uncommon for addicts to have a comorbid diagnosis, such as bipolar and an alcohol addiction. Patients are treated for both the mental health issue and the addiction.

There are many addictions like alcohol and heroine that can present difficult withdrawal symptoms. For example, detoxing from heroine can cause vomiting, cramps, chills. Often, our physicians will prescribe subutex or suboxone to ease these uncomfortable symptoms. These medications also decrease the urge for the drug. With less need for the drug and less uncomfortable symptoms, heroine addicts can focus on the recovery program for success. Our alcohol detox center also often uses medications to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, mood swings, hallucinations and shakes. Xanax and other anti-anxiety medications are usually prescribed. The length of stay at our Florida alcohol detox center varies. Depending factors include the consumption, duration of use and any co-occurring disorders. On average, inpatients stay five to seven days. With inpatient treatment at our Florida alcohol detox center, patients are given the best treatment with 24/7 monitoring by healthcare professionals. Once discharged, our Florida alcohol detox programs offer follow-up services.

The Florida House Detox Center also includes counseling services for prescription drug detox programs, marijuana drug detox programs and any substance abuse detox program. Addicts can attend sessions for both individual and group therapy. Counselors are licensed and often use a cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectic therapy approach. Through counseling, addicts can explore the deep roots of their addiction and trigger points and learn effective strategies for dealing with the underlying issues instead of turning to drugs. Counseling provides a supportive network to assist with recovery and lessens the chance of relapse.

In addition to therapeutic counseling and a medical approach, our detox centers Florida programs offer recreational activities for a holistic approach to healing from addiction. Yoga, meditation and workshops for healthy eating and living are generally offered. The goal is to provide addicts with the all the tools and strategies for long-term success.

Getting drug-free is a tough task, and many addicts do not succeed on their own. Even though our detox centers Florida programs and Florida alcohol detox programs provide a safe setting for drug detoxification along with therapeutic services, addicts must be committed to their own recovery. It is important that the addict realize he or she has a real problem, wants help and wants to recover. Embedded data.

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