Highly Efficient Flexpod Systems From ANS Group

London, UK – August 31th, 2013: ANS introduces the most innovative of all the flexpod systems ever – the i3 storage architecture. But the question remains: what is flexpod?

Cisco netapp flexpods are considered to be perfect storage solutions for data centers. These architectures can be custom-designed to meet the specific requirement of clients. The i3 flexpod architecture is the latest and most innovative storage solution been introduced by ANS Group. The i3 architecture is considered to be highly safe, customizable, & has the ability to fulfill the data center storage needs as per requirement. Till date, the i3 flexpod structure is considered to be the best data center storage architecture present in the UK and remains unrivalled. The Flex pod cisco i3 storage architecture has been uniquely designed following the concept of Vmware virtualization. Also, the perfect combinations of Cisco based UCS and the Nexus switches along with NetApp storage concepts make the i3 architecture a rare asset in the world of data center storage architecture. The i3 model has been perfectly standardized to offer best virtualized storage solutions that helps in increasing the overall storage space. What this does is saving a lot on power and space consumption.

The Flex pod cisco i3 storage architecture features unified components. This feature helps in increasing the overall work efficiency of the IT network. The presence of high fidelity switches help in supplying the required amount of power to run the i3 data center. At the same time, Cisco UCS unifies all the separate components & offer simplified and reduced points of management for the data center.

About the company: ANS Group offers specialized cloud computing solutions to clients for their data centers. The company has won several awards and accolades for the excellent services it’s been offering since 1996. The company has offices both in Manchester and London. Since 2009, the company is experiences a steady growth rate by 80% in the business. At present, the company business turnover is £47m annually.

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