Highly Effective Flexpod Solutions From ANS

London, UK – August 30th, 2013: The Flexpod architecture is a highly effective option for data centers to store the valuable data and information. This architecture has been developed jointly by Cisco and Net App. ANS Group has designed the most innovative flex pod architecture – i3.
The i3 flexpod solution features customizable switch structures, and high storage space with several virtualization factors. It has been designed to meet the client requirements accordingly. Because of its excellent high quality, the i3 architecture remains the number data storage solution for data centers in the UK. Unifying the components of individual client based data centers is carried out by the i3 data storage solution in the most appropriate of ways. It helps in improvising on the efficiency status for different organizations over different streams of the IT network. It must be kept in mind that Net app flexpod storage solution follows a highly holistic and consultative approach if seen through the eyes of industrial compartmentalization.
At present, ANS offers five different Flexpod data storage solutions. These architectures are mainly categorized in terms of storage capacity and total number of VM (virtual machines) associated with each of the categories. 50, 250, 500, 1000, and 1000+ are the five different categories of storage solutions available from ANS Group.
About the company: ANS Group offers specialized cloud computing solutions to clients for their data centers. The company has won several awards and accolades for the excellent services it’s been offering since 1996. The company has offices both in Manchester and London. Since 2009, the company is experiences a steady growth rate by 80% in the business. At present, the company business turnover is £47m annually. ANS has become the Netapp Flexpod partner of the year.

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