TechPayout Offers Cash for Used Cell Phones & Other Electronics

Old Tappan, New Jersey (August 22, 2013) – TechPayout is a leader in offering cash for used cell phones and other electronics in the United States. With new mobile electronics coming out often, they give individuals an opportunity to dispose of their older models and get paid cash for them.

The company’s website facilitates the process in essentially three easy steps. Online users may first get instant quotes for their cell phones, iPhones, Android phones, iPads & more. Upon accepting the quotes, individuals then send their used devices with the company’s free shipping label. Once the company receives and inspects the items, they pay the previous owners within 24 hours.

With their online service, TechPayout solves the problem of individuals who often wonder how to dispose of their used electronics. Manufacturers regularly churn out new electronic models to meet the changing and growing demands of consumers. Because these models come out every few months or so, many consumers desire to have the latest gadgets while wanting to do away with their previous ones.

Consumers with other used electronics like laptops and tablets can also send them to TechPayout for cash. The company accepts models of various brands such as Acer, Blackberry, Dell, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Sony, and ZTE. With a database of about 500 items and growing, they can provide custom quotes for just about anything sent to them.

Especially with new Samsung gadgets out in the market, the company encourages individuals to trade in their older smart phones for payment. People who also seek to sell cell phones for cash fast can visit to get started today. Embedded data.

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