Living Alpha Launches Unique Autobiography Online Journaling Site

Living Alpha, part of an online conglomerate of websites that provides information to adventurers, travelers, and vacationers, has launched an online journaling site that allows you to write your autobiography in a series of posts. By keeping record of travels on their new social media portal, you can post your memories for yourself, other users, and for posterity. It is then made available in an indexed database with a wide range of sort and search functions which makes finding the experiences of other travelers simple and intuitive.

Living Alpha, an organization committed to empowering people to live their lives to the fullest, has launched a new online journaling website where you can record the history of your travels and even write your autobiography. The newest addition to the Living Alpha family of web offerings allows users to post a wide range of media from their trips and include additional, pertinent information. As a nod to the very visual nature of travel in general, the website focuses on video and pictures that almost invariably get amassed on a trip. Users entitle their entries, add dates, record the journal entry’s location, and describe the weather and the cost of the activity before they are provided with an area to describe the activity or experience in detail. Posts that are made public are then shared with the rest of the community so that everyone may benefit from insight gained through seeing and reading about the experiences of others.

For those that are only interested in preserving the records of their trips for themselves, there are security features that allow for easy control of just who gets to see which posts. There is even a feature that provides a space for hidden, personal comments that no one but you will see. There are many takes on social networking and the preservation of memories but few, if any, manage to leverage the former to achieve the latter in such a direct way. This web portal serves as an addition and continuation of the Living Alpha group of websites devoted to making the world a better place by encouraging the world to “realize their inner-Alpha potential” and achieve their highest aspirations.

About Living Alpha
Living Alpha was Founded in 2007 by Alan McBrearty and Richard Jobin. It began as a dream to make the world a better place by helping people to develop and live out their dreams. They maintain a focus on their lofty goals by sticking to the three basic founding principles of “Dream it…live it…preserve it”. In addition to the online journaling website allowing you to write your own autobiography, they also provide a range of information services and products related to travel, sports, and leisure. It is free to join the community and you can get started today by going to the site

Living Alpha
1000 W. McNab Rd, Suite 326
Pompano Beach, FL 33069 USA
Phone: 1-954-782-2300

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