Elite press release submission expert to offer submission to major sites for as low as $0.64 per site for each press release written for customers

London UK 27th August 2013 – one of the major press release submission experts in the market pressreleasesites.net has confirmed that it will be offering its submission service for as low as $0.64 per submission in different websites involved in press release distribution. The company has said that this new offer will take affordability in press release submission services to a whole new level and as many observers note, the company has provided a very good platform for small businesses across the world to take advantage of professional press release submission in marketing and promoting their internet businesses. Pressreleasesites.net has remained vocal on the need to make submission services as affordable as possible. Aside from launching unique price offs the firm has also done a good job of mainstreaming great affordability in its service fees for the better part of the years it has been in business.

One of the top rated press release submission expert in the market pressreleasesites.net has confirmed that it will offer submission to all the major press release sites for as low as 0.64$ per site. The company has noted that this new offer is expected to attract a lot of customers to its submission services in light of the continued rise in competition over the last few years. The provider has been hailed by expert in the industry for embarking on this momentous price cuts saying that pressreleasesites.net will provide a very good opportunity for small scale businesses across the world to take full advantage of professional press release submissions.

The growth of press release writing and distribution as a marketing tool has led to the emergence of a lot of press release websites . Internet marketing has become highly dynamic yet even so, a lot of marketers have continued to rely on Backlinking in building business leads for better sales. There is nothing that offers better backlinks than press release writing and submission and for just $0.64 pressreleasesites.net is ready and willing to offer you the best submission services to the major press release websites.

For the better part of the last few years pressreleasesites.net has reported a remarkable rise in its customer base. The press release services expert in the market has continued to set the standard of quality in results oriented press release submission and with one of the most affordable and competitive rates in the market, the company seems to be making momentous strides forward in cementing its position as a global player in press release submission services.

For many businesses looking to make press release submissions a major part of their internet marketing strategies, the use of professional and proven submission experts will prove very important for you. Feel free to visit pressreleasesites.net on its website today and get the ideal press release writing services from a company that has a proven track record in quality services in this area.

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