Voiceoveractors.biz – a top voice over expert acquires a new third party call center service as a short term measure to meet the current increase in customer queries

London UK 26th August 2013 – one of the leading voice over experts in the market voiceoveractors.biz has confirmed the acquisition of a new third party call center as a short term move to meet the current rise in customer orders. The provider has said that since the launch of a new 20% price cut, a lot of customers have been keen on making the most of its voice over services and with this point well noted, it is very obvious that the call centre will go along in making sure that all customers get the best service in the market. All the same, voiceoveractors.biz has noted that plans are already set in place to expand its customer support desk and acquire a new call center by the end of the year.

One of the leading and highly sought after professional voice over talent providers in the market voiceoveractors.biz has confirmed that it has acquired a new third party call center in a bid to meet the growing customer queries over the last few months. The popularity of the firm’s services has been growing in the last decade and as many more small businesses continue to look into ways to take advantage of voice over services to market and promote their businesses, voiceoveractors.biz is expecting increased customer queries in the coming months.

All the same, the company has noted that it is in the process of acquiring a new call center for its customer support desk with a bigger capacity by the end of the year. The diversity of female voice over talent available at voiceoveractors.biz has been very helpful in offering services in line with needs of each and every customer. According to many observers in the market, voiceoveractors.biz is slowly but surely taking the entire market despite competition from other players in the industry.

The current surge in customer orders that has been reported by voiceoveractors.biz is based on one major reason. The company has been running a 20% price off that has allowed many of its current and future customers get the best male voice over talent without having to spend a lot of money in the process. The balance of creativity and innovation of voice over talent with affordability is not easy to come by today in this sector.

However, voiceoveractors.biz has managed to do this quite well and with the new third party call center now in place to help the support department, the provider has welcomed customers from all over the world to take full advantage of its creativity in professional voice over services. Voiceoveractors.biz has noted that improving its customer support is an important priority for its team in the coming years and in fact plans are already set towards this goal. For the best and most professional voice over actor , please visit voiceoveractors.biz on its website today and get more details.

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