Dr. Ray Woods Provides a List of Patient Rights to the Hair Transplant Medical Industry

Dr. Ray Woods, among the world’s foremost innovators in the fields of hair transplant has created a comprehensive charter of patient rights. Inspired by Dr. Wood‘s legacy of hundreds of satisfied clients, he has authored this list. It is his fervent hope that it is taken as a statute for the hair transplant industry, and can even influence the policies and operating procedures of the entire medical industry.

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Dr. Ray Woods, a globally renowned hair transplantation pioneer who is famed for his innovative hair follicle extraction techniques has authored a list of essentials of clientele medical procedures. While the list is written succinctly, it touches upon a variety of medical situations, particularly relevant to the hair transplantation sector.

Dr. Woods has patented and successfully launched the ‘The Woods Method’ that lets patients use digital monitors to see all aspects of hair extraction surgery.

Many testimonials of the Dr. Ray Woods Technique review the great concern that Woods works with. They are bona-fide case studies for the hair transplant industry.

Warren, who went through many transplant sessions and scalp reductions had suffered from major scarring. While he had been considered a lost cause by doctors, the word of mouth buzz of the Woods technique soon attracted Warren, who consulted with Dr. Woods in person. After clearing all his doubts, Warren underwent medical procedure at the clinic between November and December in 2004.

“Skin grafting and approximately 2000 body hair grafts were utilized. Please bear in mind that I went through 19 years of people staring at my head when I wasn’t wearing a hat. It was bad enough the plugs stood out like a sore thumb, but what made it worse was that the plugs were “stereotypically” bad, and is even made fun of in the movies. It was so bad I could not move on with my life.

After 13 months, I am extremely happy with the results. Body hair is working. I have seen some new hair sprouting just in the last month or so (both in scarred and non-scarred areas). People do not stare at my hairline anymore. This feeling is priceless.”

Dr. Wood’s application of these rights, in his day to dealing medical procedures has set a great precedent in the hair transplant. The company aims to make this list of Patient Rights almost akin to a statute for the entire medical industry.

About the Company

A Sydney University Medical School graduate, Dr. Ray Woods gained extensive experience in neurosurgery, Obstetrics, and cosmetic Dermatological needs, among other highly specialized fields. In the last two and a half decades, however, Dr. Woods has exclusively focused his attentions on hair transplantation surgery. As the first person to perfect the complicated single follicular unit extraction procedure, he made waves in the Australian media for the promise it held for the hundreds of thousands of men and women suffering from hair loss.

For more information visit website http://www.thewoodstechnique.com/.

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