Benchmark Home Improvements now offers Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Getting a kitchen to look better is an interesting task, and always as unique as the house it’s being done in. That’s one of the big reasons why Benchmark Home Improvements has spent so much time training people to become experts in Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

In most situations, there are effectively two ways to significantly alter the appearance of a kitchen. The first way is a complete replacement of everything in it, and this does offer the advantage of being able to move appliances around and then build the cabinets to fit around this. In a few rare cases, this is actually the best option for the home – especially if the cabinets have been severely damaged by something and really do need complete replacement.

However, most households are actually better off with a refacing instead of an outright replacement. The focus of this job is on the exterior areas of counter tops and cabinets… That is, the part that homeowners are actually going to be looking at on a regular basis. The truth is, the material and appearance of the back of cabinets doesn’t matter very much; material is there because it’s important to have structural integrity, not because it looks pretty. To get a kitchen looking nicer at the best cost, it’s far faster and more affordable to simply replace the outside sections with the material of choice and polish it to a nice shine.

The process starts by looking at the old doors and drawers, then removing them (and any contents that are still there, which will be set in a safe and secure area of the house). Once all of this has been done, all exposed surfaces will be examined, repaired as necessary, then given a proper coating of veneer to match the new doors and drawers that have been selected. Various additions may be put in at this point, such as rollers or hinges needed to keep things operating at their best; after all, a refacing job is no good if customers are annoyed by squeaking in the middle of the process!

Benchmark Home Improvements is dedicated to ensuring that each and every customer is fully satisfied with the job done. High-quality service, affordable rates, and professional standards for all tasks are three of the cornerstones of our business philosophy, and customers can truly rely upon these to get the very best service each and every time.


Since its founding, Benchmark Home Improvement has worked to be the most reliable and trustworthy general contracting company in its operating area. With a philosophy of constantly exceeding expected standards of quality, providing expert advice as needed, allowing for seamless project management at all times, using responsive vendors that supply the tools and products used on each job, and providing leadership throughout the entire contracting industry, many satisfied customers have gone on to refer Benchmark to their friends and family when work needs to get done. Learn more about the history and services that Benchmark Home Improvement provides by visiting the official website at, including some important information about hiring contractors and what to expect from each job. Embedded data.

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