Halfway There Offers New Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Halfway There Halfway House Delray Beach announces a new service area in Florida: an intensive outpatient program designed to provide patients with the same quality support services and treatment as those in an inpatient setting in the comfort of their own homes. Halfway There will now provide these services to working professionals and other former addicts who need to work the program while re-entering their lives.

Traditionally, Halfway Houses In South Florida are environments that assist former addicts reintegrate into their everyday lives without the use of drugs or alcohol. Halfway houses provide recovering addicts a sober living environment where they can continue intensive treatment while learning valuable life skills and learning how to work and live with others. People in recovery can live substance free with others who have been in their shoes and are on the same track in halfway houses and the track records for former addicts who choose to live in a halfway house show a much higher level of success than those who choose to graduate from a rehab program and attempt to re-enter their lives without it. The importance of choosing a good post-rehab program simply cannot be overlooked.

Halfway There provides the utmost in quality when it comes to the halfway house environment they offer to recovering addicts but have realized that there is no “one size fits all” solution that works for everyone. This is why they have developed the intensive outpatient program or IOP. By offering the IOP, Halfway There can offer their tried and true philosophies to many more former addicts and extend the opportunity to increase their chances of successful sobriety. The option is less expensive than traditional halfway house services, which are often not covered by insurance.

While there are many halfway house services in Florida, Halfway There offers an exceptional menu of services designed to not only deal with living life without drugs or alcohol, but offers plenty of life skills training that is vital for helping former addicts learn how to lead a productive. These skills training courses are available through both the inpatient program as well as the intensive outpatient services program.

In the intensive outpatient services program, Halfway There offers such services as job placement, emotional healing training, personal spirituality and intervention strategies courses. Each of these is designed to offer a well rounded post rehab recovery program that treats the entire being and not just the addiction.

To learn more about Halfway There and their Intensive Outpatient Program, you can visit their website at www.halfwaythere.com or http://halfwaythereflorida.com/delray-iop/. Or, if you are ready to get more details about how you can take advantage of this one of a kind program, you can call them directly at 561.245.2260. There are counselors available to take your call and get you back on the road to a long and productive life.

About Halfway There

Halfway There offers a sober living environment to recovering addicts who have completed a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program in Delray Beach, Florida. With the introduction of the new intensive outpatient addiction treament Delray program, Halfway There hopes to be able to reach many more patients in need of the sober environment and life skills training they offer.

For more information please visit http://www.halfwaythereflorida.com

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Halfway There introduces a new outpatient service designed to offer busy professionals an alternative to traditional sober living environments.

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