KO Carpet Cleaners offers Commercial Cleaning Services to Customers

Since interior protection was first created, it’s been getting dirty through various means. From spills at tables to the dirt tracked in by years of use, modern carpets have a lot of things to deal with, and the standard vacuuming services won’t always get things looking nice. However, the Carpet Cleaners Utah residents trust to make sure the job gets done are proud to announce new commercial services, helping businesses continue to present themselves at their very best.

Working with a business is a different type of task from helping customers in their own homes, and the staff of KO Carpet Cleaners have thought very carefully about the best ways to provide the top level of service. At a certain size, many businesses have at least some cleaning supplies of their own, from mops to vacuums, and so probably won’t call in help for minor tasks very often.

With this being the case, the two most-recommended services for businesses are the Five Star and the Tile & Grout Cleaning packages. Each of these is intended for different areas of stores, though not all businesses will need to take advantage of both of them.

The first package, KO Carpet Cleaners’ Five Star cleaning set, is the deepest and most professional cleaning service available. Lower levels of cleaning are effectively maintenance level, but the Five Stat package focuses on the deepest possible cleaning and making everything look as new and fresh as possible. For businesses that want to attract customers, having a store that looks clean is practically a necessity, and the package includes tough spot and odor removal to go with the multiple methods of getting dirt (and other things) out of the carpet. This plan also includes rug protectant, helping to keep some parts of the store cleaner for a longer period of time.

Following right on the heels of the Five Star package, the Tile & Grout Cleaning package is the one that allows the Carpet Cleaners Salt Lake City businesses trust to really shine. It is, after all, generally the case that tile is much easier to maintain than carpet, so many businesses choose it as their preferred flooring. A very straightforward package, this cleaning set focuses on removing all debris and getting a deep cleaning, including to the very edges of the store. This is followed by a powerful rinse to further blast away all the problems and the application of sealant to protect the tile from future damage.

KO Carpet Cleaners is a licensed and insured cleaning company, with an emphasis on a professional job and getting things done correctly the first time. Businesses rarely want to close during operating hours unless they really have to, so KO Carpet Cleaners is also willing to accommodate this as much as possible by working to schedule cleanings at the most convenient time. For a truly professional cleaning job that makes a business shine like new, there’s nobody quite like the teams at KO Carpet Cleaners.

For more information, visit KO Carpet Cleaners on the web at http://www.kocarpetcleaningutah.com/ and learn more about the quality cleaning services offered throughout the greater Salt Lake City area.

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