Youtube Sensation Tackles Cyber Bullies

Los Angeles, CA – A young YouTube sensation has teamed-up with a production group in Hollywood to strike back against cyber bullies.

During this summer break, Chanel Lóran celebrated reaching more than 2.5 million views on her YouTube channel. However, the break also brought views from some cyber bullies.

Lóran’s latest post, which gained more than 360,000 views, was a cover of Ariana Grande’s song “The Way,” and cyber bullies jumped on it.

“They were using words like ‘fake’ and saying I was showing off. There were some unbelievable comments,” Lóran said.

Lóran is a 12-year-old girl, and her mom produces and edits all of her music videos from home. Her mom also monitors her Internet use.

“When Chanel saw what the bullies were posting, I told her we would do something creative,” Lóran’s mom said. Lóran and her mom were able to gather a production team of people who have worked with Christina Aguilera, Ke$ha, and Michael Jackson. Together, they created a song titled “Hush.”

With her team, Lóran decided that the core message of the song would be a fearless response to cyber bullying. Lóran and her team wrote the lyrics to “Hush” as a sophisticated response to cyber bullies in her generation’s social network.

Lóran said to young people who are victims of cyber bullying, “When you hear this song, I hope you’ll know that I’ve been there too, and I’ve got your back.”

In the teaser for the song that she posted to YouTube, Lóran encouraged viewers to trend “#Hush” and “#ShutItDown” on the Internet.

Lóran’s mom said, “The hash-tags were part of Chanel’s idea to launch a campaign against cyber bullying with this song.”

“Hush” is set to release on Saturday, August 19, 2013.

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