Shower Care and Repairs (SCR) Recognized Among Fastest Shower and Balcony Repair Firms in Australia

Shower Care and Repairs (SCR), Melbourne’s leading bathroom and balcony repair firm, uses state of the art technology to drastically reduce repair and renovation time required during work, and thus has won recognition and a name among the fastest Australian shower and Balcony Repair service providers.

Shower Care and Repairs (SCR) has added efficiency to its its shower and balcony repair systems by using SCR technology to address leakage without physically removing the tiles.

The licensed firm, which is known for shower and balcony repair along with waterproofing, has therefore cut down on repair times. The company’s average of two to three hours for a shower service is much lower than what many other service providers offer.

However, work quality is not compromised. Instead, the company prides itself on thoroughly addressing present and future issues. For example, a shower grout replacement task addresses not only the grout in the eroded areas, but all the shower walls are addressed, offering a comprehensive solution to homes and offices. Additionally, waterproofing is applied in many layers.

Staffed by a full time professional crew that is highly trained and experienced, Shower Care and Repairs (SCR) has done away with the common practice of hiring unaccountable sub-contractors who have not worked with, or been trained by the firm.

Along with efficiency, Shower Care and Repairs (SCR) operates with a customer-centric approach. The company visits client residences and offices by appointment, and are first given a courtesy telephone reminder call reminding them of their appointment before visiting the location.

The company’s highly efficient crew can reinstate a bathroom’s usability within a 24 hour time frame. To make these high speed operations possible, the company employs a variety of high-tech solutions. These include leak detection devices, that can verify the source and span of the leak. If required, the company is equipped to carry out a Leak Detection Dye test on the site.

Extensive balcony repairs can be executed within one to three days. This factors in grout-removal , application of sealer, regrouting, and then applying a waterproof silicone and polyurethane seals at strategic points on the balcony.

About the Company

Shower Care and Repairs (SCR) operates out of Melbourne and Sydney. The company has over twenty years of extensive experience in the leak prevention and resealing industry.

The company is among Melbourne’s foremost Balcony and Shower Repair, and Tile Restoration experts, and also has worked in Bathroom Renovations and Bathroom remodeling in the Melbourne and Sydney area.

Shower Care and Repairs (SCR)’s technical crew of experienced tradesmen are highly trained in not only on-site operations, but also in providing extensive and personalized advice to its clients on current and future needs.

Shower Care and Repairs (SCR)’s director, Fergus Lagan, a highly experienced in Stone Mason work, and has received certification in Waterproofing. Major builders across Australia consult with Fergus for their waterproofing and tiling needs.

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