Bringing A New Generation Of 3D CAD SpaceClaim Releases The Fastest-Easiest 3D Modeling Solution

Concord, MA – SpaceClaim’s ninth release, 3D Modeling solution, is the fastest, simplest, and most powerful fix for 3D layout, bid modeling, fixture design, top-down design, concept modeling and preparation for analysis, simulation, and manufacturing.

Their acclaimed software is completely CAD-neutral. Engineers and manufacturing professionals can create new fixture designs or edit and manipulate existing 2D and 3D geometry, without the complexity of traditional CAD. Engineers are enabled to innovate designs, get products to market faster and win more business with SpaceClaim’s fixture design. Engineers are provided a tool that requires very little training, if any at all.

With this new generation of 3D CAD, project concepts and quotes are more accurate which leads to increased business. Engineers are able to improve productivity and final designs via enabling CAE model preparation and eliminating CAD designer geometry necessity. Engineers are able to optimize models for speedy prototyping and manufacturing, even in sheet metal designs because of the range of flexibility within the tool. Businesses are able to cut costs as well by using concept modeling to explore the many fixture design options without the use of expensive CAD resources.

About SpaceClaim

SpaceClaim was founded to create solutions for engineers to be able to leverage 3D designs in September 2005. Since its founding, it’s become a 3D Direct Modeling solutions leader, and by 2011 increased sales year after year by 110% and nearly tripled its sales channel.

It has grown a customer base that includes the some of the world’s largest car makers, industry leaers in aerospace, machine tools manufacturers, and medical devices. They have OEM agreements with Flow International Corporation and TRUMPF. They also have a distribution and licensing agreement with the global leader of software simulation, ANSYS. SpaceClaim is backed by Burealis Ventures, Kodiak Venture Partners, and other top-tier venture capital firms.

SpaceClaim, headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, has provided the most advanced technology in 3D engineering for nearly a decade. They have offices in Japan, France, Germany and the UK, with a world network of authorized dealers.

The combination of 3D experience and design has made SpaceClaim’s board and management team world-class. Their modeling inventors provide feature-based modeling and have a proven track record for successfully bringing new software to market when it comes to design including fixture design.

It’s no secret that traditional feature-based tools have reached the market penetration limits but there are many users of 2 and 3D products still. These are providing poor interoperability and limited capabilities, but with SpaceClaim, there’s affordability, accessibility, and innovative ways to create, document, and mainstream 3D designs.

You can find out more about their fixture design by visiting them at, contacting their headquarters, or finding a local reseller near you.


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