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Just when you thought public relations services couldn't get any better from Thomson Reuters MyMediaInfo, Nasdaq OMX finalized acquisition of Thomson Reuters public relations (Press Release) - Monday, August 19th, 2013

Just when you thought public relations services couldn’t get any better from Thomson Reuters MyMediaInfo, Nasdaq OMX finalized acquisition of Thomson Reuters public relations, investor relations, and multimedia relations solutions. There’s now even more resources available, including global offering, to deliver innovative products and services, including public relations services, to customers from this combination.

All businesses understand the importance of public relations. The process of promoting and managing their image and reputation through media outlets so that the public sees them in a positive light. Raising awareness, enhancing integrity perception, reinforcing reputation, as well as, motivating action, takes precision, verifiable information and proper timing. MyMediaInfo does just that and more.

One could already expect public relations services and solutions from MyMediaInfo that gives businesses the edge in public relations. These tools are not limited to, but include the following:

• Media contact and key influencers are identified with accuracy and date stamped profiles.
• Specific media contacts, major circuits, and social media networks are utilized for self-publish press releases.
• Broadcast, print, internet, and social media outlets are monitored for media coverage and customers are provided a customized compiled report.
• A research team that will work with you providing your campaigns a customized sentiment analysis to measure its impact.

Their public relations services solutions suite has no hidden fees and is a subscription based model. Their solution suite is simple and fast with an interface designed for easy usage.

MyMediaInfo will provide you a free demo upon request so you can see just how their public relations services will help your business.

About MyMediaInfo

Thomson Reuters Corporate Services has decades of experience giving innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs of corporate professionals, such as investor relation officers, corporate professionals, and internal communication professionals.

In 2009, Thomson Reuters acquired Hugin, and entered into the public relation services industry. Hugin, through its InPublic platform, has been Europe’s leading press release self-publishing provider since 1995. Thomson Reuters extended InPublic’s press release publishing capabilities to North America for both U.S. Regulatory and general press releases.

In 2012, MyMediaInfo was released after Thomson Reuters acquired the 2006 founded RedEgg, bringing together the best PR assets from Thomson Reuters into one solution that’s fully integrated, fast, and easy to use.

2013 Nasdaq OMX finalized acquisition of Thomson Reuters public relations, multimedia relations and investor relations business solutions, they’re ready to unite the culture, redefine the business, and transform the industry!

Contact MyMediaInfo

You can take advantage of their live chat via their website, and if they’re not available you can leave a message and an associate will get back to you. You can also contact them at one of the following numbers.

North American Numbers
Phone: 888-901-3332
Fax: 27-916-2904
UK Phone: +44 (0) 207 369 7676
Global Support Email:
Global Sales Email: Embedded data.

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