Fast Google Rankings for Montreal Renovation Contractor

The website owned by Newsam Construction in Montreal went from virtually lost on Google to ranking on the first page for 12 of their 14 most important search terms. These staggering results occurred within five weeks of Eric Haaranen putting his skills to work on the site.

Two common misconceptions abound when it comes to SEO – or search engine optimization. The first is that SEO is some kind of black magic voodoo that only a handful of well-educated and well-paid executives in the hallowed halls of Google really understand. The second is that it always takes a long time to see results when it comes to better search engine rankings.

Of course, search engine marketing consultants would want their clients to continue believing these lies as it allows them to charge more and be less accountable to their clients for producing tangible results. At least, that is the opinion of SEO Consultant, Eric Haaranen who is quickly making a name for himself as he pumps out case study after case study of getting fast results for his clients as well as the sites he owns.

“I love producing results,” explains Haaranen. “A lot of so called experts can talk a great game but I’m only happy when I see my pages showing up on the first page of Google and that site getting traffic and converting its visitors into sales or sales leads. That is all that matters.”

Haaranen’s latest case study is another impressive one. Within a 5 week period, he was able to bring, the website owned by top Montreal contractor, Newsam Construction from obscurity to appearing on the first page of Google for multiple search terms – all of them very valuable to the client.

“This one was important to me because I was having trouble getting the site to rank,” he mentions. “I really had to pull out all the stops and invest heavily to get them where they needed to be. I was actually quite surprised when we started seeing results in a few weeks and shocked at five weeks when we were ranking for almost all of the most important terms.”

Haaranen created a video showing the live rankings for the Montreal renovation company as a means of bolstering the confidence in prospective customers considering hiring his services.
“Everyone likes these types of videos because they can’t be faked,” states Haaranen.

Eric Haaranen specializes in producing results for his clients. The approach may be SEO, social media, press releases or videos. It all depends on the specific needs of his clients. He can be reached through his website at Embedded data.

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