Personalized Groomsmen Gifts Are Fast Becoming a Necessity for Weddings

Weddings are not just about the brides anymore. New focus is being given to the groom and his groomsmen. However, with the new stress of the men’s roles in this special day comes extra burden on the groom as well, especially to the groom who doesn’t know what to give his best friends. This is why Remember Me Online is releasing its line of personalized groomsmen gifts that should make every groom’s special day memorable.

“We’re setting up a collection that goes beyond mere trinket giving. Men hate useless trinkets,” says Ryan Spring, owner of the online gift shop, “This is why we’re offering gifts groomsmen would actually love. We always work on offering unique gift ideas for groomsmen without resorting to selling anything that’s too bizarre.”

Soon-to-be-married Jeff Davis thinks that giving unique groomsmen gifts is very important. “Women think that it’s only their lives that are changing once they’re married. They couldn’t be more wrong. Married men get to see less of their friends because they’re married. They need to spend time with their wives. This is why I put a lot of premium on inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas.” Davis has been browsing through online stores offering custom groomsmen gifts and Remember Me Online impressed him.

“I’m thinking of getting a wine set for my friend Jake, a barbecue set for my brother Harry, and a hunting knife for my cousin Gary. Other online shops offered something similar, but the designs of Remember Me Online’s selection are classier,” said Davis. He also liked how reasonably priced these unique gifts for groomsmen are.

“My clients make the rules now,” Jenna Smith, a wedding coordinator in California said. “You’d be surprised at how equally picky and detailed these grooms are. The brides like details, but the grooms—they’re also picky about the price of their groomsmen gifts!” Like Davis, Smith chanced upon Remember Me Online while looking for great ideas for groomsmen gifts. Smith was thinking of DIY-ing it, but Remember Me Online offered ready-made customized groomsmen gifts that fit her client’s strict budget.

“‘Customized’ doesn’t have to stop at engraving groomsmen names on generic items,” Gina Spring, co-owner of the shop and Ryan’s wife, told us. “I think the reason why we’re drawing clients right now is because we sell memorable gifts that truly come from the heart. That’s how we started, anyway.”

Gina and Ryan Spring lost a number of their relatives over the last decade, and this inspired them not only to come up with groomsmen unique gift ideas, but gifts for other occasions as well. “We actually started with memorial gifts before branching out. Now, we’re happy to offer gifts for a number of other special occasions like weddings and birthdays.”

Clients of Remember Me Online can also enjoy engraved handwriting services. This is the hottest addition right now when it comes to customized gifts and only a few online gift shops are offering it. If you would like to see samples of RM Gift Shop, you may visit their brick-and-mortar store along Orangeburg Drive, Columbus, Ohio. For exact directions, you can also call them up at 614-465-7255. Embedded data.

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