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Houston, TX – The admiration of search engines for quality backlinks is known to all webmasters. The latest algorithm updates have made internet marketing tougher for websites. Search engine optimization has evolved over the years and gradually come up with a strategy such as squidoo lens creation. SubmitEdge is a service provider that has ventured into different aspects of SEO and has made its presence felt in India, USA and UK. They understand the requirement of online promotion and help customer websites gain visibility on the Internet.

Just like any other SEO strategy, squidoo lens targets getting quality links, for client’s website. However, its functioning is different and it is vital for people to figure out the same. The service uses tags in order to categorize user created pages or “lenses”. Whenever users create a squidoo lens, it becomes mandatory for them to create tags for each lens. The lenses are further linked with tag pages, which in turn are linked back to the lenses that use a similar tag. This leads to generation of automatic links, for the lens that is created using squidoo lens creation service.

It is also known that the links, which come from authority sites, are invaluable in comparison to the links, which come from non-authority websites. Squidoo is listed among the authority sites, as it helps websites attain top ranking on the search engine result pages. It is a credible online resource that generates credible links that enhance the ranking of a given website. When search engines notice that the links from a website come from squidoo, they increase the credibility ratio for that site.

SubmitEdge has content writing experts, who produce unique articles for squidoo lens creation. One unique article comprises of 500 words that are inserted with top keywords that are considered as primary search terms for web users. Related pictures are also included, while developing squidoo lens. In one content, up to 10 keywords or key phrases can be promoted. On completion of the work, the lens is submitted to the client and they are free to make any essential change. The package is reasonably priced at $125 and guarantees bringing best result, for the customer website.

Squidoo lens creation service gives customers the versatility of spreading word about their business across the world. It is one of the most excellent SEO strategies that can be executed, by a website owner. In order to learn more about the service and its packages, it is advisable to log on to

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