Live Roulette Australia Launched

Live Roulette Australia has now launched our first Play for Fun Live Real Casino Gaming Site in Australia! (Press Release) - Monday, August 12th, 2013

Live Casino Broadcasts are becoming more common, it seems there is a niche for Real Live Casinos. However the only place to play for fun with a real live dealer from a real live casino is ! There you can play instantly for free! without any registration, downloads, emails or fuss! just straight into a live game from a live casino!

Why play at a Live Casino ?

Because you can Trust the results, and not just because its a real live dealer (such as a live studio game) but because you can see real players at the table in the casino (you can even visit the casino!) so you know the results are not ‘just for you’ so you can trust it. Then you can also enjoy the experience of a real casino ambience rather than a fake studio.

Real Live Casino games are new, the industry often refers to any studio game as a ‘live casino’ but this is simply not true, they are just studios with non-dealers employed who work in broadcast studios setup just for the camera, and you wont see any real players at the tables whereas a Live Real Casino, such as seen on shows Real Dealers in Real Casinos, alongside Real Players!

The world’s first live online casino was in Ireland and called, which has limited success due its Java-only platform which in todays market is a difficult sell because new computers dont even support Java anymore. They had the first broadcast from the Fitzwilliam Card Club in Dublin, the same casino uses. 

Things have changed since then, and our games are all provided in Flash where they can be played instantly in the browser without download.

‘Zero Clicks’ is our philosophy to accessing the game. Immediately when you visit the site you will be presented with a real live game of roulette from a real live casino and you can start playing immediately. No clicks, No registration, no Fuss! just try it out!

Good luck and Enjoy our Play for Fun Live Roulette site,! Embedded data.

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