AEB Athletes Entertainment Boxing, LLC Worldwide Networks and Mary Alice Entertainment Present on Knockout Live

Las Vegas, Nevada: AEB President-CMO Gary Wilkos and Knockout Live CEO Gray Knight have executed a long term contractual partnership. Knockout Live, the new leader in interactive entertainment announced today that the Company has brought its services to the entertainment capital of the world. AEB, a Las Vegas based company, has engaged in a joint venture with Knockout Live to produce high-end productions.

The focus is the development of a New Global Interactive AEB Worldwide Network presence for niche content and specialty programming. The joint venture provides for Knockout Live to co-produce and distribute live streaming and on-demand diverse AEB media products like music concert exclusives, comedy, sports and specialty events.

The first event will be benefiting the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation and other charities in a night of remembrance through song. The event will be taking place live from the exquisite Rain Nightclub inside the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and hosting attendees there by invitation only.

The legendary Tupac Shakur was the most successful hip-hop artist in the world. 2Pac was the king of rap and a tremendously talented actor/poet, tragically gunned down in 1996. Very similar to the king of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, Tupac remains one of the highest selling artists in music history, selling over 75 million albums worldwide since his demise alone.

Tupac is the ultimate rapper and the voice of urban America. AEB and MAE possess over 17 hours of exclusive unseen & untold footage of Tupac Shakur. Now, 17 years after his death, many of his most ardent fans have never even seen him perform but will now join together for this master moment in music history.

This event will be star-studded featuring live performances, speeches, declarations of influence and for the first time, a preview of live concert footage of Tupac Shakur biggest selling album, All Eyes on Me 1996 tour dates. The footage stems from events in Cleveland, Ohio and New Orleans, Louisiana with exclusive behind the scene footage and interviews never before seen.

This event will be the first of many to come in a multi-year roll out. If you are a true die hard 2Pac fan, you do not want to miss one second of this live stream event. Tupac the Iconic Legend lives on through AEB and MAE.

Knockout Live Networks and Jam House Live global partners in distribution of media collectively will handle special programming distribution for the new network for on-demand and pay-per-view partnerships covering over sixty countries for various IPTV, cable including distributing to several thousand movie theaters abroad.

Tupac Shakur, Unseen Untold, The Lost Tapes To Be Revealed

“The Lost Tapes”, is a vault of never before seen performances equivalent to that of any other musical icon responsible for helping shape multiple generations and we are excited to partner with AEB on the release globally” states Randall James, Executive Producer, Knockout Live.

Knockout Live is partnered to provide AEB with turnkey production capabilities and exclusive access in being part of a true 1080p HD click and play on-demand entertainment suite. To order to reserve your exclusive access to the release log onto and click on “Tupac, Unseen Untold, The Lost Tapes”.

“This will be an amazing celebration of Tupac’s life and creations, what a way to introduce to the world something rare and never before seen in the most advanced streaming available.” follows Gary Wilkos, President-CMO of AEB Athletes Entertainment Boxing, LLC.

The Networks’ plan is simple and that is to bring fans around the world the best in entertainment products hosting first one of the most exclusive musical releases in history, “Tupac, Unseen Untold, The Lost Tapes”.

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