Kansas City Drug Testing Company Offers Drug Free Compliance Training

Springfield, Missouri (July 15, 2013) – Kansas City drug testing company Employee Screening Services (ESS) is offering training geared towards satisfying Department of Transportation compliance requirements and Drug Free Workplace programs. Provided for both supervisors and employees, these courses help companies manage the risks of drug and alcohol use in the workplace.

The Supervisor Training guides managers and mid-level personnel in maintaining a safe and productive workplace, particularly for those performing safety sensitive functions. The program teaches them to recognize, confront, and document cases where an employee exhibits signs of being under the influence of substances such as alcohol and drugs while at work. By understanding the proper procedures in such critical situations, the supervisors will have a concrete basis for reasonable suspicion testing and take appropriate action.

By offering Employee Training, ESS likewise educates staff on the employer’s policy and procedures on the misuse of alcohol and the use/abuse of controlled substances. Moreover, they outline the rights and responsibilities of the employees, helping them understand their role in upholding the drug and alcohol policies of their company. Among other topics, the training covers information concerning driver conduct, circumstances under which an employee can be tested, procedures of drug and alcohol testing, and consequences for violating federal regulations or company policy.

ESS provides comprehensive drug and alcohol testing and training programs for businesses in different industries. They offer training that is compliance-driven for the various DOT administrations and drug free workplace programs. The company conducts a wide range of solutions for businesses, including DOT compliance services, as well as on-site, pre-employment, random, and 24-hour drug and alcohol testing.

To learn more about the program and its in-person or online training option, visit www.YourDrugTesting.com today.

About Employee Screening Services

Operating since 1991, the Kansas City drug testing company is considered to be one of the most reliable full-service providers of drug and alcohol screening. They can also help companies coordinate MVR and background checks, DOT and workplace physicals, as well as DNA paternity and hair follicle testings. They offer their services throughout the Midwest, including Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, and Iowa.

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