Avoiding Genetically Engineered Food

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON – Aug 8th 2013 – These days more than half of the food supply is harmful. It is as good as consuming pesticides as eating the food that is available in the stores. Processed food is harmful and everyone knows that but there is this hazardous food which is also known as the genetically modified food. These food items are altered to produce desirable products but in the most unnatural ways. These GM foods contain full of toxins because of the way they are produced.

When this food is consumed, people will be exposed to a lot of myriad diseases, organ damages, accelerated aging, fertility issues, and increased birth defects and so on. People consume these modified organisms without even realizing the ill-effects. FDA has not made it mandatory for companies to list these food packages as GMOs and labeling these items is a controversial aspect. Consumers must however be made aware of the potential dangers that come with these types of food. The article as mentioned in the link below is very informative and lets us know what kind of GM Foods should be avoided by consumers.

Food items like corn, Peas, Papaya, Banana, Dairy, Sugar Beets, Squash, Soy, Canola, Cottonseed oil, Tomatoes and Golden Rice are some of the items that are genetically modified. A detailed explanation has been provided as to why these food items are harmful and what the root causes are. That is why it is advisable to prefer organic food which is free of pesticides. With all the pollution around, unhealthy lifestyle and food, the least that consumers could do is to spend a little extra on organic food and live a healthy life. As responsible individuals it is also a great step towards supporting organic farming.

To know more about the genetically modified foods visit link http://geekgrass.com/2013/07/08/top-10-genetically-engineered-foods-to-avoid-like-the-plague/

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