L-arginine Market Research in China

From 2009 to now, L-arginine industry in China has enjoyed a rapid development. In 2012, there are many newly-added production lines for L-arginine appearing.

The technology of fermentation method is more mature in developed countries than in China, but many production lines for L-arginine production in China have adopted fermentation method along with the development and increasing popularity of this technology. At the same time, L-arginine produced by extraction method is still playing a dominant role in China. How is the development of production technology of L-arginine in China at present?

The demand for L-arginine has been increasing quickly in China in recent years, with a CAGR of about 19% during 2010 and 2012. Most of L-arginine is consumed in application fields of pharmaceutical injection and dietary supplement in China currently. However, pharmaceutical injection field has been taken up mainly by Shijiazhuang Jingjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. And L-arginine applied in dietary supplement is restricted by the Chinese government. Will the demand for L-arginine in these two major application fields still increase? Besides these two fields, there are many other application fields of L-arginine, such as cosmetic, feed, etc. Currently, L-arginine consumed in cosmetic products is increasing apparently. Will the consumption of L-arginine in China be shaped differently?
Since 2011, the price of L-arginine has been running high in China. At present, the price has declined. What are the reasons behind?
To show the actual supply and demand of L-arginine in China and dig out investment opportunities, CCM’s report mainly focuses on the following aspects:

– Current production situation of L-arginine in China (capacity, output and key players)
– Production technology of L-arginine in China
-Analysis on L-arginine import in China (2010-2012)
-Analysis on L-arginine price in China (2009- April 2013)
-Forecast on L-arginine price trend in China (2013-2014)
-Consumption development of L-arginine in China (2010-2012)
– Consumption pattern of L-arginine in China (2012)
-Introduction to each application field of L-arginine in China
– Forecast on the supply and demand of L-arginine in China (2013-2017)
-Introduction to key producers of L-arginine in China
-Cost analysis on L-arginine in key producers (2012)
-Finance analysis on key L-arginine producers in China (2012)

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