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England, 22/07/13 – A mobility website offers advice on choosing a wheelchair ramp.

Many people have either a wheelchair or a scooter in order to get around independently. Part of the requirements associated with possessing either is the need for a wheelchair ramp. Regular wheelchair or scooter users will most likely need to have a wheelchair ramp fixed to their home.

Fixed wheelchair ramps are usually made of concrete. In days gone by these ramps tended to be plain, grey slopes which stood out at the front of the house. However, recent developments have meant that there is now a much wider range of ramps to choose from. Those who research wheelchair ramps from,know that much more can now be done to ensure that a ramp fits in with the overall look of the house it is being attached to.

The type of wheelchair ramp a person can buy will naturally depend on how much they are willing to spend. By searching online, ramp users may however be able to find a good deal at a more affordable price. Some people may also be eligible for a grant to help them make changes to their home.

Buyers must ensure that the ramp they purchase will conform to standards set out in Building Regulations. 1 in 12 is generally considered the most appropriate gradient, thus for every 1 inch of an incline a ramp must be 12 inches long. Some may find a gentler gradient more convenient, however. There is the option to include landing areas in the ramp, in order for the user to have a short rest part way through the ramp.

Simplelife Mobility aims to make the buying of all mobility products simple and straightforward. They offer help and advice on all matters relating to wheelchair and scooter ramps on their easy-to-use website. Purchasing is equally simple and there is always a customer assistant on hand to take queries over the telephone. Simply visit their website to find out more information today.

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