Offers Writers Free Article Submission For Link Building

Article submission sites are popping up all over the Internet and provide a great way for writers to get their work out there as well as provide links to up and coming websites. The problem with many of these services is that they can cost a lot of money! Article writers have long been looking for quality, well-run free article submission websites but simply cannot find them. has arrived on the scene to change that. They believe that there should be a place of the web where high-quality articles can be shared freely without the high cost and hassles of other pay-to-submit sites. With a wide selection of articles ranging in subject from personal improvement to business to fitness and more, is changing the face of the article submission service industry.

The ability to share a well-written article with the vast audience of the internet is a great thing for writers. Many people write just so that they can share some piece of knowledge with the rest of the world, and they may not want to pay for that. Now, thanks to, you can share information with the world too! You can Submit your article free, without any hidden fees, or needless hassle, and ArticleKings will help to spread your article to just the audience that is looking for it. You could spend hours surfing the internet looking for the best article submission service, but little did you know it was right under your nose the entire time. Just because there are bigger sites, doesn’t mean they are better. At, you article is sure to get the attention it deserves.

In addition to spreading information just for the sake of it, allows each article to contain one outgoing link. If you are a writer looking to boost traffic to your website, this is a great thing! All the best article submission sites allow outgoing links, and there is a great reason why. Links that connect to your own website help increase your page’s search ranking. This is why, when you submit your article, it’s a great idea to add a link to your main page, with other related content. Because this is such an excellent way to build traffic to your own site, many other submission sites charge fees to submit your article, but on you can always submit your article for free!

Up until now is has been a struggle to find free article submission sites that also have great content, but now that has come online, writers have a great new resource for themselves! Now, whether just to share information or to help promote a related website, writers have a great place to go to submit articles. And isn’t just for submitting articles; there is great content and information to be found there as well! Article submission sites free from hassles, restrictions, and fees have been difficult to find in the past, but ArticleKings is offering just what readers and writers want: access to great content and a way to submit their articles free. Embedded data.

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