Easy Investment In Gold And Silver Through Penta Gold

At a time when precious metal prices are fluctuating at a rapid pace, both customers and investors will have to make their buying decisions at very short notices. Penta Gold offers an instant way for both customers and investors to purchase gold bullion and jewellery without the need to wait. Anyone looking to get spot based prices on gold or silver should visit their website pentagold.in and get real-time prices and stock availability.

Penta Gold’s marketing manager claims, “We are different because of our customer service, zero hidden charges, minimal margin, real time stock and spot-based pricing, and Free and insured delivery.” It is almost impossible to find such services in the current market.

The website Pentagold.in updates about the latest information on live-spot gold and silver prices and stocks in different markets. This information can be used by investors for making their important investment decisions. Investors could also purchase gold bars, silver bars, gold coins and silver coins from the website. All this means one could make instant purchases when the time is best, without the need to wait to reach an intermediary over the phone or physically making the purchase.

Penta Gold also has an online retail store where customers can purchase a world of jewellery for any occasion. One can choose from earrings, rings, bangles/bracelets, pendant sets, pendants, tanmanya sets and necklace set. This includes a full range of diamond studded designer jewellery. In addition, one can also purchase from a variety of coin sizes.

The convenience offered by Penta Gold means that even retail customers with small budgets can invest in gold coins. Penta Gold deals solely in hallmarked jewellery and all of the products are made in accordance with the standards and guidelines created by the Government.

Penta Gold’s marketing manager claims, “In order to meet the long-term goals of our retail customers, we have launched a special investment plan. This helps everyone to plan their gold purchase in advance. Customers can start with an investment as small as Rs. 500 per month and buy gold, jewelry, coins or diamond jewellery at the price equal to the maturity value.” Interested customers can check this special scheme at http://www.pentagold.in/installment-schemes/ where Penta Gold also contributes one or more installments from its own side.

When it comes gold coins, one can purchase in different weights ranging from 5 gm to 20 gm. On the other hand, Penta Gold offers silver coins in 10, 20, 50 and 100 gm configurations. On the other hand, gold bars are available in weight configurations – 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 gm, and in 1 kg. Similarly, investors can find silver bars in 50 and 100-gm, and 1 kg configurations.

Penta Gold is headed by Mr. Ketan Shroff who has over 2 decades of experience in the Bullion, Jewellery, Forex, Finance and Commodities market, and Mr. Pinakin Shroff who has been in the business for more than 15 years. Mr. Ketan is also a member of the Indian Bullion Market Association Ltd.

Contact Information:

Penta Gold Pvt. Ltd.
Store No. 7, Jewel World,
175, Kalbadevi Road,
Mumbai – 400002
Phone: 022-22402255
Email: pgpl@pentagold.in
Website: www.pentagold.in

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