Climate Change & Farming – Brett Goldsworthy & Shift2neutral

By increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a study found that plants require less water to grow. However, researchers at Australian National University say the benefits of higher carbon dioxide levels could partially offset some of the negative effects of climate change. With areas with annual rainfall below 400 millimeters benefiting most.

Interesting findings given carbon dioxide concentrations recently exceeded 400 parts per million for the first time in three million years.

These studies could allow for a rethink of the way climate change affects agriculture. Dr Mark Howden from the CSIRO is hesitant as the findings by the ANU have their limitations.

In order for plants to make use of the additional CO2 they require more of other key nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, without them they can’t grow faster or take advantage of the additional CO2.

In agricultural production farmers have the ability more nutrients but in the natural environment they are nutrient limited.
In Dr Howden’s opinion the impact extreme weather and higher temperatures on climate change are likely to offset any benefits from increased CO2.

One Australian owned company, Shift2Neutral, founded by Brett Goldsworthy has a vision to minimizing the negative impact of climate change to ensure a sustainable future.

Shift2Neutral is a leader in the neutralisation of carbon emissions in the world by providing environmental auditing and solutions to create baseline objectives. They help neutralise the home, workplace, travel – whether it be by plane, train or automobile. Over the last few years they have been engaged by Governments, Corporates, Tribal Groups and Associations to help create their baseline objectives and to certify them carbon neutral.

Shift2Neutral also invests in the latest alternative energy systems and are actively involved in a number of different community activities that aim to reduce the impact of negative climate change.

For a more comprehensive overview as to how you can play a part in a greener future through renewable energy technologies investment and more visit the website for Shift2Neutral, today. Embedded data.

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