Yacht Vacations with Gourmet Chef and Full Crew Surpasses Luxury Cruise Line Options

Nothing compares to Yacht Vacations with Sopris Charters, where you are pampered beyond your wildest dreams. Surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, you can become lost in time while the crew caters to your needs, guaranteeing that your experience is first-class and customized to your personal preferences. They do everything for you if that’s what you want, including the preparation of gourmet meals.

Unlike the cruise line experience, you’re the boss and can tell the Captain about how you want to spend your day and where you want the yacht’s sails to take you. Virgin Islands Sailing Charters are especially popular, offering many different experiences along the way depending on what you enjoy. Snorkeling, swimming, fishing, shopping and scuba diving are a few of the more popular activities in high demand. If you are the dare devil type and require an adrenaline fix, then you can also go parasailing. It’s your call.

The yacht is equipped with everything you would find in the best five-star hotels. A flat screen color TV, air conditioning, CD player/MP3, large refrigerator and freezer are just a few of the things found on Virgin Islands Sailing Charters. There is even a tub onboard for sailors in need of a good soak.

Knowing you can turn over the responsibility for sailing the yacht to an experienced Captain who knows his way around the islands makes all the difference to vacationers interested in indulging their every whim without any responsibility whatsoever. That is what is referred to as “sheer heaven.” Chris McComas is the captain when you set sail with Sopris Charters.

Chris is licensed by the United States Coast Guard. With 30 years of experience holding a 100 ton Master’s License, there is no need to worry about a thing. It’s true what they say about it being all about “who you know.” Considering what your pleasure is, Captain Chris can suggest the best options for you on the first of what will probably be many Virgin Islands Sailing Charters. He knows the best islands for shopping and where to fish. When dinnertime arrives, don’t be surprised when you drop anchor for a memorable sunset experience in a secret private cove for a romantic evening.

Unlike many cruise lines in the news lately, yacht vacations are less dramatic and worrisome. Even though a 50-foot yacht is impressive, every inch of the yacht is thoroughly inspected before every yacht vacation ships off. No detail is left unnoticed. Can you say that about cruise ships or luxury hotels? There is no question that Virgin Islands Sailing Charters is a cut above other vacation experiences.

If cost is something you worry about, there is no reason to fret. Compared to other vacations, yacht vacations are extremely affordable. There are frequent specials, especially late in the summer and in the early fall. Experienced sailors can also opt to sail away without a crew if the mood strikes them. It’s all up to you. There is truly something for every budget. Maybe a gourmet chef is not necessary. That might be a task better suited to the personal chef accompanying you on your voyage.

Setting sail for an adventure in the Caribbean is an experience you will never forget. Virgin Islands Sailing Charters are ready to set sail for bluer waters. Go ahead and call. You know you want to.

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