Poly Strapping Company Offers Strapping Tools, Closures, and Machines

Brooklyn, New York (July 17, 2013) – Trusted poly strapping manufacturer Quality Strapping, Inc. is offering strapping tools, closures, and machines. Carrying a complete inventory, the company aims to address various industry needs for several strapping applications.

Quality Strapping, Inc. provides tools for both plastic and steel strapping. The company offers tensioners, sealers and combination tools for polypropylene, polyester, and metal strapping, as well as cart dispensers that feature built-in brakes. They also carry portable tape and stretch wrapping dispensers, which are used for applying tape, and wrapping pallets, skids, and boxes for secure storage.

In addition, the company carries different sizes of strapping closures and tools for various strapping applications. Some of these accessories include wire and plastic buckles, strapping seals, and corner protectors. There is no minimum order for every shipment, but it is required if the client requests for private labels.

Strapping machines are also available for clients with specialized strapping needs. The company offers the Falcon series, featuring semi-automatic and automatic machines used for standard plastic strapping applications. These equipment are recommended for resellers of packaging distributors.

In addition, the company has the Dolphin series for clients operating in wet environments, such as fish and meat packing plants. Encased in a stainless steel frame for durability, they also come with a side sealing mechanism for improved functionality.

Established in 1995, Quality Strapping, Inc. specializes in manufacturing high-quality strapping products, including hand and machine-grade polypropylene strapping. The company takes pride in offering clients the latest equipment and tools in the industry, as well as having a strict quality assurance system that monitors every part of the production process.

They also design custom products for clients. To learn more, visit www.QualityStrapping.com today.

About Quality Strapping, Inc.

Recognized as a trusted name in the industry, Quality Strapping, Inc. provides a wide range of strapping products, tools, and accessories. The company employs a team of trained professionals, who can assist clients in making the right purchases for their specific strapping needs.

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