Emedia Creative Offers Corporate Branding to Help Market Businesses

Sydney, New South Wales (July 5, 2013) – Emedia Creative is offering a complete range of corporate branding services to help improve the marketing campaigns of businesses. The company specialises in making sophisticated and visually appealing logos, as well as graphics for promotional collaterals.

The company approach to branding involves using innovative design concepts, quality copy, and solid marketing principles. This combination is geared towards creating consumer awareness, increasing sales, and retaining clientele, among others.

To create impressive designs, Emedia Creative also uses semiotics, which is the analysis of signs and sign systems, as well as proprietary methodology and colour theory. They consider applying the principles of colour theory to be crucial in the creative process, as research has shown that 60% of consumer reactions to brands are directly influenced by the colours that they see.

After creating a company’s branding, they make sure that it is easily and effectively communicated to the public. A potential customer or client must be able to understand what a logo stands for in a single glance. Likewise, copywriting also plays a crucial role in effectively presenting the brands to customers, which is why Emedia Creative offers highly compelling copy for all types of marketing materials. They also help with the packaging and printing of these materials.

With businesses facing a tough task of expanding their client base and at the same time retaining their loyal customers, they need competitive marketing tools that will generate brand awareness. Emedia Creative specialises in creative solutions that are aimed at helping businesses grow and improve their sales. They also produce custom marketing materials like brochures and catalogues, large-format posters, banners, and other promotional products. They also conduct photography, marketing consultation, and brand and print management.

Businesses looking for the services of a Sydney graphic designer may learn more about the company and view their portfolio at www.EmediaCreative.com.au.

About Emedia Creative

Established in 1991, the company is composed of award-winning designers and competent print production staff who deliver topnotch professional services. Industry-leading companies like Pfizer, EMI Music, Gelatissimo, and Energy Australia are among their clients.

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