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From the earliest history of the British Empire, the Brits used Scottish and Irish soldiers in their overseas endeavors and as a result of this and the Scottish and Irish Diasporas between the 1600 through the 1800’s there is not a continent on Earth that does not have a Scottish or Scots-Irish community of one sort or another. America and Canada are two of the countries with the largest population, but Scots and Irish descendants are scattered across the globe. is here to give you an effective online social network dedicated to the kilted travelers of the world, no matter where they are! Membership is free, and this website is designed to be the online Scotland social network of choice, with easy utilities like the ability to share your posts with more than 20 other social media sites with one click, an online forum for discussing all issues Scottish, a blog area and much more!

It is our goal to help people descended from Scottish and Irish ancestors to reconnect with their roots and lost family connections; that is why we provide a custom suite of genealogy tools, including the use of the world’s largest database.

In genealogy, though, as any researcher can tell you, the personal one on one connection you can make with a newfound section of your family can be the most valuable thing that can happen in your research of your family history. That is one of the motivating factors behind MyClanOnline – helping people of Scottish Irish descent make the connections with family and people who share the same history!

The world is getting smaller every day, and MyClanOnline is here to help find and reclaim your historical Scotland heritage; find out what Scottish Clans you are descended from, and research the local Highland Games – or if you do not them, find other Scots near you and make your own!

Finding your community and planning get-togethers, both real and virtual is one of the awesome powers of modern social networking tools, and MyClanOnline is made to facilitate a casual and easy place to gather, share news, and find new family and friends, as well as posting and sharing videos, music, links to your Clan’s website and much more.

Do you know the Scottish Clans tartans? Can you identify your clan’s tartans? Many people do not know this, but one use of the tartan was to identify the players on a battlefield. With each clan possessing their own tartan, it was easy to identify at a glance what clan a man was in by the pattern on his kilt.

For a time the Tartan was actually made illegal by Britain, but the Scots are nothing if not stubborn, and thus the kilt and the clan tartans exist to this day, a reminder to all of the rich history of the Scottish and Irish peoples. For some people, it still allows them to spot a family member by their tartan.

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