Probana Business School’s online Mini MBA

Copenhagen, Denmark – So, no matter where you live or what your schedule looks like, you can develop or refine key interpersonal and business skills online with this Mini MBA.

The Mini MBA classes can be taken at your chosen time and place, letting you balance the demands of family and career. But that does not mean that the program is for just about everyone; it demands concentration, commitment and hard work for an experience that will revitalise your career prospects, recast your understanding of the workplace and reveal opportunities you never imagined.

Benefits of PROBANA Business School’s Mini MBA
Accelerated executive certificate program
PROBANA’s Mini-MBA program is an accelerated executive certificate program that covers the key topics and management disciplines of the MBA curriculum. The Mini MBA program lasts 3 months and has monthly enrollments.

Fits into busy work life
The Mini MBA concept is designed to expand the functional knowledge base of executives as well as their ability to lead in an increasingly global business environment. The program consists of six primary education modules: All are real-world programs designed for busy professionals, combining proven teaching methods with an intensive pace to ensure maximum learning in minimal time. The Mini MBA covers the key concepts of the MBA at a fraction of the usual cost in time and money.

Online access anytime, anywhere
The Mini MBA from PROBANA Business School provides a practical foundation in current business practices in an intensive 3 month format, approximately 4-5 hours study per week online. Through e-learning, case studies, online lectures, problem-solving exercises and interactive class sessions, you will obtain the knowledge you need to succeed within your organization. The goal of this program is to make you more effective by providing a framework of knowledge for making informed business decisions on issues affecting organizations today.

Western education
High quality
Recognised by global companies such as; Maersk, Grundfos, Shell, Siemens, Nokia, Novo Nordisk, Oracle, Coca Cola, McKinsey etc..
An affordable educational solution, compared to the value it adds to the organisation.

High level of flexibility for each student
The product will be delivered within 2 minutes of signing up.
A long partnership will minimise the company’s costs of HR activities and create more happy employees.

Morten Logstrup is author of this article on Probana.
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