The Sun is Setting on Scan-Alert: What this Means for Fire Alarm Customers

For years, monitoring services for Seattle fire alarm systems were made possible by Scan-Alert, the subscriber terminal unit (STU) offered by CenturyLink™. Actually, all of the fire alarms throughout Washington and Oregon were monitored thanks to Scan-Alert technology. WA and OR have been the only states where it was available for the past nine years. The STU, a box through which all the fire alarm signals were transmitted, was a technology that worked well for us for many years. But now, wireless has become the way of the future – not just for fire alarms, but for everything.

As a result, the STU technology will phase out entirely and CenturyLink will sunset its Scan-Alert product in Washington and Oregon on August 31, 2013. When that happens, commercial fire alarm customers who don’t convert to the new technology (in other words, pay for a mandatory upgrade) will be required to take extensive measures in order to keep their fire alarm monitoring services.

For example, they will be mandated to post a fire watch, which means walking through the building and inspecting it for fire safety on a scheduled basis. Measures like these will surely require businesses to hire extra employees, cutting into their bottom lines. CenturyLink is not offering any type of comparable replacement for Scan-Alert, so what are the more than 1,500 commercial business owners in Washington state supposed to do if they don’t wish to increase their security budgets? They will need to find a comparable replacement product quickly, through a reputable security company.

The good news is that Guardian Security offers one. It’s called AES-IntelliNet, which is a wireless fire alarm monitoring system that can replace the discontinued Scan-Alert product. This outstanding system uses mesh radio technology to route alarm signals from the alarm panel to the central station in a matter of seconds, and it does it all wirelessly. We plan to tell you more about this superior service over the next several weeks; for now, we want to assure our Seattle fire alarm systems customers that their fire alarm monitoring can be easily maintained, despite technology changes. For questions on AES-IntelliNet, contact Guardian Security today!

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