New Interview Coaching Packages Help Job Seekers Improved interview skills lands jobs

July 17, 2013 – Carol Martin, proprietor of the business has announced the company will be promoting more products and coaching packages that improve interview skills, and predict its materials will be assisting more jobseekers in the current market towards gaining employment. In addition to books and bonuses, the site provides free assessment and coaching analysis for each applicant, and provides many state-of-the-art means of connecting for training purposes, including Skype. Martin expects a lot more buzz to emerge over its introduction of the product to the market the next few months.

The site expresses, through past client endorsements, that the packages have already produced a successful track record of getting trainees subsequently employed, following an upgrade of their performance and job interview skills through The Interview Coach. “Thank you for your help in sharpening my focus on the important details of my scenarios. It took a bit for me to finally learn and have it click, but once it did, I feel like it’s just second nature now. I can’t tell you how much of a relief this is for me… as it’s been 20 years in the making. Thanks again for your help and guidance,” says one interview trainee in 2013. A profile of the new books and bonuses available can be viewed at

The company notes it services revolve around a problem-solving model, with an emphasis on listening to the experiences and issues trainees have encountered that impair their interview skills. The interview questions and answers and other resources put together are varied enough to serve the interests of just about anyone needing interview coaching help for career employment purposes. Skype interaction provides a real-time resource for conveying information and teaching skills right on the web, and is emerging as one of the most popular passages it provides.

Other professional observers agree that the current job market requires more dexterity than ever, and the addition of interview coaching could just be the extra factor needed to get a training hired. “Every interview is a story,” according to interview coach Cameron Powell, and involves training “hundreds of people just like you to cultivate career reputations, or brands, and to create killer interview strategies that really stick: they’re memorable, and they prove what you need to prove.” The approach of Martin is somewhat similar, and she expects this kind of system will be increasingly successful getting people employed in the months to come.

About the Company:

The Interview Coach has been providing skilled job interview training for over 15 years with the expert direction of Carole Martin, one of the country’s top rated job interview coaches and author of seven interview and HR related books. Besides her new updated site at, she also is the owner of, and

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach
San Diego, CA

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