EmpowerWords Launches AlphaWrites.com – An Academic Community For Writers and Professionals

EmpowerWords, the people who brought you the turnkey solution for creating an easy, professional looking Website For Writers, are at it again. This time, it’s not just a clean, polished website solution that they are bringing to the table, it’s a whole new community. AlphaWrites.com offers a place for professional societies and groups to come together and share everything from case studies to dissertations to general non-fiction and everything in between. AlphaWrites is bringing together a vast audience of professionals and writers who are both looking to share and find information. The world of publishing has changed for the better, and AlphaWrites, offering solutions for all sorts of publishing needs, is sure to become a regular part of any writer’s toolkit.

There are all kinds of writing groups dotted around the Internet, but before now, they have never had a central home. The beauty of AlphaWrites is that it offers a wide variety of writers the opportunity to form focused, tight knit communities within the larger commonality of AlphaWrites. Whatever the focus of your writing, whether you’re a part of an academic community, non-fiction writer, or a budding professional, there is a place for you. With group categories as wide ranging as earth sciences, economics, the arts, and medicine, you can be sure to find just the right home for your writing. Because AlphaWrites allows members to drill down to very specific subgroups you know that you will be surrounded by an audience that is just right for you work.

AlphaWrites also offers incredible tools for the professionals and writers in its community. Because it is managed and created by the same people who brought you AWebsite4Me.com, you can be sure that the two integrate seamlessly. AlphaWrites.com offers a great publishing platform for all types of writing. Those looking to publish their work can choose from options like free PDF formatting in ePub and Mobi versions, hardcopy options, professional formatting from Word documents, and an incredible feature called “Bookbuilder”. By utilizing Bookbuilder writers can format and layout their work exactly as they like and bring it to print ready status, all while retaining total control. You can import images, reorder chapters, set a table of contents, style your text with incredible options, and much more. You’ve never had more control over your written works!

Writing communities will no longer be the islands of information that they once were in the vast world of the Internet. Now, with the creation of AlphaWrites there is a place for every writing group. There is now a large, thriving community which offers writers in the community a place to share their work, give and receive valuable feedback, and connect to their audience in a way that simply was not possible before. AlphaWrites will undoubtedly change the way writers share information from now on. Their publishing options offer everything that a professional could want, and their affiliation with AWebsite4Me.com allows authors yet another way to make their mark in the community. In today’s world you need a complete solution to spread your work as well as to find, and be found by like-minded individuals. http://www.alphawrites.com is that solution.

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Platforms for those looking to share written work and contribute to knowledge has just gotten simpler with the launch of www.alphawrites.com - building digital knowledgeable communities.

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