Important Facts about Linux VPS

Linux is a very interesting web hosting service, because of its quality and affordability. Aside from the features and services that it can provide, there are also lots of exciting facts that you will know more about Linux VPS. As you search for the best web hosting service in the web, you will surely encounter Linux VPS web hosting. If you are a technical person and you are aware of the web, then you are aware what Linux is and its contribution to the online world. In this article you will know more about interesting facts about Linux.

If you want to understand Linux VPS web hosting more, you need to first understand Linux. Linux is a simple operating system just like Windows. You can do your task easily just by installing Linux operating system on your computer system. Linux is UNIX operating system and it was developed by Linus Torvalds in the year 1991. Torvald wants to create a non-commercial replacement of Mimix. Finally, Torvald came up with the Linux kernel. Kernel is an important core part of Linux OS. The following are interesting facts that you want to know about Linux VPS web hosting.

1.An asteroid was named after the developer of the Linux kernel.

2.There are thousands of programmers and developers all over the world who are continuously contributing to the growth and development of Linux.

3.Linux official mascot is a penguin named Tux.

4.According to the European Union the estimated amount that was funded to redevelop recent kernel Linux goes up to $1.14 billion USD.

5.There is 2% Linux kernel that has been written by its creator Linus Torvalds.

6.Linux kernel has been written on C version programming language.

7.This web hosting is the most widely used operating system that runs on diverse systems from computer mainframe servers.

8.The Linux kernel 1.0.0 was released in 176,250 lines of code. The latest version of this Linux has 10 million code lines.

9.The windows and Linux can simultaneously runs in parallel within the same machine with the use of software that is called Cooperative Linux.

Once you choose to host your website, you might find it very confusing especially if you need to choose between Linux VPS and Windows. You can choose according to the need of your website so you do not have to be confused. Actually, there are no major differences between Linux and Windows web hosting services. The only difference that you will see is the price. Linux is a freeware while Windows will require you to pay for a fee.

Windows is a private property of the Microsoft Corporation, if you are going to use any Microsoft products like ASP.NET, FrontPage or Visual C++, then it is advisable that you use Windows. When it comes to the performance that they can give, you will not see much difference. Linux VPS can give you a stable and less vulnerable security. With Linux you can also expect increase uptime and it runs for a very long time without any rebooting.

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