Budget-friendly Flooring Technologies Offered by NJ Seamless Flooring

Good news for owners of commercial and industrial spaces, NJ Seamless Flooring is offering budget-friendly flooring services that would end your financial woes. Martina Wilson, owner of a small restaurant in the area, was thrilled when her business partner said they could finally have their kitchen floors fixed.

“I only had less than a hundred dollars to spend for my small restaurant’s repair downtown. The kitchen was already a mess and we were having trouble with the food inspector because of the dents and cracks. Before we came across NJ Seamless Flooring, we were being asked to pay almost five times the price for the same work,” Wilson recounts.

“I have nothing negative to flooring stores in nj say about their service. They exceeded my expectations,” Wilson said. She had food processing and packaging floors installed in her small restaurant kitchen and said she wouldn’t hesitate to call on the company again.

Mr. Jeffrey Smedley, owner of NJ Seamless Flooring, explained that they really designed their company to cater to both big and small orders. Aside from their courteous staff, their long 30-year-business history and expertise in floor constructions, and their competitive price offerings, he also beams about NJ Seamless Flooring’s ability to give clients objective flooring advice.

“We’re not manufacturing these floors, we’re applying them. Since we’re not selling or championing any brands for our own benefit, we can give our clients sound and objective advice on what’s worth the money they’re spending,” Smedley said.

Smedley stressed that their company started with NJ Epoxy Flooring solutions. Seamless epoxy flooring is still their specialization. However, they were fortunate enough to have new experts under their wing who allowed them to branch out to industrial floor coatings, Commercial Floor Coatings, and other general flooring nj needs. Among, NJ Seamless Flooring is the most sensitive to epoxy flooring cost.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Industrial epoxy flooring solutions can cost any business a lot of money. However, it’s also considered necessary, especially in spaces where food and chemicals are handled. “The health inspector hounded us for months because my non-industrial floor had cracks. When you’re preparing food, spills can’t be avoided. Food gets into these dents and cracks which caused this foul odor. I really had to close my restaurant for repairs when the inspector explained that this could make my customers sick,” Wilson said.

It seems that epoxy flooring cost is on the rise. Perhaps it’s also because of the growing demand for the service. However, it is possible to get a competent epoxy flooring nj service provider without spending more than you’ve allotted for repairs. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you contact a trustworthy epoxy flooring contractor.

NJ Seamless Flooring can make sure that you pay for only high quality flooring solutions. To inquire or to place an order with them, simply call their hotline at 908-377-41111. Their website says that they can take orders all week long, 24/7. They also have a listing of their services just in case you’re not yet decided on what you need.

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NJ Seamless Flooring offers services that will ensure that your epoxy flooring and urethane cement flooring are up to industry standards.

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