Site Launched To Aware People of Online Gambling Laws In The US

Did you ever try to find out if the online gambling site you often get engaged in is legit? Did you know that all gambling sites are supposed to be regulated by Federal laws? The state is always on the move to protect the interest of it’s citizens but it’s important that people know the ins and outs of the online gambling industries, at least to some extent. But one can’t expect a regular guy to learn about the legal implications of the trade.

And that’s exactly why sites like could make it possible for the common online gamblers to become aware of the legitimacy of the sites they visit to try their luck.

Recently in a press meet, Vince Paul, the spokesperson of the portal was explaining the main objective of Vince said, “Our mission is to track and provide the most imperative information related to the popular online gambling sites operating from the United States. We analyze the nature of games they offer, the technology and also the overall experience the online gambling sites offer their users. regularly monitor web sites related to online gambling, casinos, sports betting, poker etc. We are working every day for hours to keep people updated on the key aspects of online gaming in the United States including the excellence, convenience and legality.”

Online gambling is going to be huge in the coming days. According to a Morgan Stanley report the US market alone is going to be worth $9.3 billion by the year 2020. A 2011 judgment by the Department of Justice in the United States has made all online gambling (with the exception of betting in sports) legal at the federal level, on condition that the individual state where the gamble is done has licensed it as well. Already three states (Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey) have legalized online gambling already. Some other states like Illinois, California, Massachusetts etc. are contemplating on create laws of their own.

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