Increasing Popularity of Property Portals in India

Real estate contributes 5% to Indian GDP and ranks as the second largest employment generating sector. Rapid urbanization and growing disposable incomes has significantly enlarged realty’s scope of operation over the last decade. Today residential, commercial and hospitality constructions act as the backbone of growth for all other industries in the economy.

Probing last decade, with adjustments to slump afflicted economy in 2008-2010, Indian realty has a witnessed constant growth. Sprawling urban regions and metro cities have confronted mounting demand of residences and commercial spaces. Stimulatingly, real estate sector has fine-tuned itself to the contemporary mediums of catering services and products to the prospective buyers. In majority, the present-day home aspirers and target customers for realty sector are educated and salaried. These rungs of home buyers have access to internet and with growing popularity of ecommerce, it is witnessed that more number of buyers prefer internet portals. For home research which includes specifications, location, prices and availability, buyers increasingly prefer to log on to property portals. Along the sales and marketing portals, the preferences of buyers have also been changing rapidly.

In order to get best prices and a home of desired specification and location, online searches have proven to be an ideal platform. IndiaHomes, a successful ecommerce realty advisory company, provides transparent property information and services on its web portal. The company opines that detailed information of home location, specification and developer’s background with few clicks makes the internet, an ideal medium for searching property in India. In accordance to the growing competition in real estate business, more number of property brokerage firms has surfaced in the realty domain.

As truly reckoned, today’s age is mobile and technologically complacent. Henceforth the operational aspects on electronic marketing have been evolving by the day. The developers are tying up with brokerage companies in order to better exhibit their offering and reach a larger market. The online portals are being witnessed to rapidly incorporate advanced features on property websites. These include the locational viewings using GPS, picture galleries of the under construction properties, walkthrough of residences and commercial spaces etc. Collaborative initiatives of all stakeholders are also seen to be picking up the trend.

Today, the websites have options of financing through in-house loan wings of brokers and advertisement of financers, all at one junction. Along these merits of ecommerce, the buyers are empowered with choice of options available on the brokerage websites. Such websites have available properties to be catered by multiple developers. This gives an opportunity to a number of developers to showcase their offerings. Moreover, the buyers have a perfect gateway for comparison and hence they are capacitated to form an informed buying decision.

IndiaHomes has undergone a sea of change for revolutionizing the customer experience on its web portal. Known for its customer centric values, the company today provides all detailed analysis of projects and popular trends for realty sector on its website. Making a mark in the realty advisory domain, IndiaHomes, delivers diligently examined facts about properties that are most suitable to the customer’s preferences. Hence, ecommerce has been successfully adopted as a tool of reaching larger mass of prospective buyers by real estate in India.

Constantly evolving real estate business has been tremendously facilitated by these web portals which save the buyer, investment of time and labor for an ideal home. Therefore, the future of online property transactions, promises to be bright and transforming for the betterment of all quarters in real estate.

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