SM Remarketing Unveils New Service for Facebook Likes

A new service by Social Media Remarketing allows online businesses to purchase Facebook likes for their postings on Facebook. This service is designed to overcome one of the biggest issues facing online businesses trying to utilize social media websites. Social Media Remarketing is now offering an inexpensive, yet highly effective means of addressing one of the more perplexing issues facing online businesses today.

Studies have shown that people who visit social media sites such as Facebook are more inclined to “like” a particular post if they see other “likes” posted there as well. This makes it difficult for online businesses to reach new customers without some type of outside support. In order to help generate new “likes” for their Facebook postings and accounts, Social Media Remarketing offers a line of packages where businesses can purchase “likes” and jump start their Facebook efforts.

Social Media Remarketing offers three packages of Facebook “likes”. Each package comes with a money back guarantee.

– Like: 1,500 Likes for $19.95
– Love: 6,000 Likes for $39.95
– Lust: 9,000 Likes for $59.95

Each of these packages are delivered on a three, five and seven day turnaround respectively. The low cost of the packages as compared to many other marketing services for bringing in new “likes” makes these packages very affordable. Social Media Remarketing can also customize each package for a particular set of “likes” to make it appear more natural which in turn draws in more potential “likes”. For more information on how to buy cheap Facebook likes , visit SM Remarketing.

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