Attorney Recruiters Rifkin Consulting Teach Law Firms How to Recruit and Retain Talent

Laguna Niguel, California — Premiere attorney recruitment firm Rifkin Consulting is teaching law firms how to both recruit and retain talent. These services are offered in order to compliment a law firm’s human resources department. Using Rifkin Consulting, law firms can succeed in both attracting and retaining new attorneys.

As a top attorney placement firm, Rifkin Consulting offers law firms a variety of services which can add to any law firm’s capabilities. This includes both recruiting top tier talent from across the nation to advising law firms on how best to keep this talent. As lawyer recruiters, Rifkin Consulting employs a variety of methods to assist law firms in finding long term hires.

As a lawyer recruiter, Rifkin Consulting provides vetted candidates that are not only capable and intelligent, but who reflect the values of the law firm. Said CEO Diane Rifkin, Esq., “Often law firms forget that the best fit may be more than just an intelligent and qualified attorney candidate. Often, what can define a truly great fit is a candidate which shares the firm’s values and work ethic. We seek not only the best and brightest, but candidates who share the firm’s values.”

Many attorney recruiting firms simply find talent, but Rifkin Consulting takes an extra step. As firms grow and lawyer recruiters bring in new hires, firms must change to meet new requirements. In order to retain the firm’s most valuable asset, its personnel talent, it must be prepared to make the work climate amenable.

Today’s associates are tomorrow’s partners. Any attorney search firm that is truly benefiting the law firms for which they work considers a candidate’s career trajectory from the moment they are hired. In order to create an atmosphere that is conducive to hiring, retaining and promoting the right talent, firms must use the right techniques and have the knowledge of what attracts and keeps good attorneys.

With this in mind, Rifkin Consulting advises law firms on how best to nurture talent on the track to partner. Because different firms value different skill sets, time commitments, and ideas of balance, Rifkin Consulting helps to define a clear path that law firms can establish to nurture talent according to their firm’s values.

Rifkin Consulting can help law firms that want to hire and retain great talent, grow those attorneys in the corporate structure, and promote from within. With the help of Rifkin Consulting, law firms can find and keep the best possible talent.

About Rifkin Consulting:

For more than 25 years, Rifkin Consulting has been forging a reputation as the best legal recruiters for California law firms. With Rifkin Consulting attorney recruiter services, law firms are able to find and keep the talent they need. Rifkin Consulting not only provides services as an attorney recruiter in California but also provides ongoing consulting to help law firms keep those they have hired and grow their firm’s personnel and culture. Rifkin Consulting provides an entire spectrum of services as one of the top legal recruiter in California programs.

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