FaiStrada® releases NUKE™ online training course

FaiStrada® announces the immediate availability of the first ever online course produced in Italy devoted to the award winning NUKE™ compositing software. The course follows the strict FaiStrada® format, with weekly pre-recorded and tightly scripted lessons delivered online along with instructor-led Assignments that take place in a virtual classroom over the course of 6 months. The complete syllabus is published online here: http://www.vfxwizard.com/it/corsi-online/nuke-effetti-speciali/

“Advanced Visual Effects with NUKE™” consists of 24 weekly lessons, averaging over 2 hours of video lectures each week. The course covers the complete toolset and workflow required for professional digital post production. Each week is project-based, with a focus on a specific topic. Practical exercises as well as in-depth theoretical lessons are interspersed in what has become the signature of FaiStrada® online courses and lead to a well rounded education covering both operative and higher level knowledge.

Leveraging the experience of twelve years in teaching digital compositing and five years of online trainings, the course eases the steep learning curve compositors face when they have to deal with mathematical and artistic issues at the same time. Each module in the course covers increasingly difficult topics, and lessons placed further in the course constantly back reference previously taught techniques to provide students with more refined, and more complex, solutions to classic compositing issues: from Rotoscoping to Tracking, from Chroma Keying to extremely advanced topics such as 3D object tracking.

Strong emphasis is placed on color theory, the common pitfalls of color matching and human perception, as well as a formal workflow for dealing with CGI imagery, AOVs and non live action assets. The second half of the course delves deeper in 3D CGI from a compositor’s perspective, using MODO® 3D software to create both geometric assets to be used inside NUKE™’s powerful 3D system as well as natively rendered imagery to be graded and composited.

Students are gradually introduced to the benefits of using custom coded expressions and scripts, as well as the advantages of applying basic linear algebra and geometry knowledge to their productions. Lessons are carefully constructed so that only basic math skills are required while each and every mathematical or programming lesson is strictly tied to practical applications. Over the years this approach has led to rave reviews from students, with many of the students declaring they developed an unexpected interest in topics such as vector math or trigonometry thanks to these training’s unique structure.

Every lesson comes with its own assets, from chroma key shots to 3D objects and textures. In addition to this standard course material, each student has to complete three for grade assignments with exclusive assets. Among the key features in the custom e-Learning system is the assignment queue that delivers to students unique creative briefs and the assets needed to complete them. Projects of equal complexity are prepared by the instructors and then the assignment system delivers them to students according to a blind schedule that ensures every student has the same chance to receive a specific assignment.

About FaiStrada®
Leading the online learning revolution in Italy, FaiStrada® ( http://www.faistrada.it/ ) is the first italian online school devoted to 3D animation, digital compositing, digital cinema and visual effects. The FaiStrada® brand, wholly owned by VFX Wizard srl, has been teaching visual arts since 2002 as a private school with traditional, classroom based, courses. In 2008 it moved online with the introduction of LaLaa Project™, its custom e-Learning system which is the first e-Learning system developed in Italy specifically for the needs of visual arts teaching. Hundreds of italian speaking students have enrolled from all over the world in FaiStrada®’s online courses which are as much as possible software-agnostic and favor techniques over tools. FaiStrada®’s parent company, VFX Wizard srl, is a digital post production consulting studio, actively involved in research and development of online learning solutions.

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